App Issues

I'm trying to load an app, and it's just sitting there doing nothing. What now?
Several things could be the issue, so here's a list of ideas to try out:
  • Tap once on the app and see if it responds. Sometimes it's marked as "waiting" and this could wake it up
  • Press and hold on the app and delete it. Install it again from the App Store or Self Service
  • Double check you are signed in to iTunes with the correct Apple ID and password
The app I'm using isn't working properly.
Again, could be lots of things. Try these steps:
  • Shut down the app (double tap home button and swipe the app off the top of the screen) and relaunch it
  • Make sure your wireless is connected properly. Wireless information here
  • Check to see if the app needs an update. Go to the App Store and choose "Updates" at the bottom. You'll see any out of date apps listed at the top (hopefully you'll see the one that isn't working!). Choose "Update" to update it. 
  • As a last resort, delete the app and reinstall it. But before you do, make sure the work in the app is saved!